Two Coats of Paint. “Interview: Lesley Dill on her new work, with Leslie Wayne,” by Leslie Wayne. January 28, 2018. “The Itinerant Portraitist: Brenda Zlamany discusses her Hebrew Home project with Leslie Wayne.” By Leslie Wayne, December 6, 2017. “Comfort Clothing for Fraught Times” Medrie MacPhee in conversation with Leslie Wayne, July 20, 2017. “The Drug Administration: Beverly Fishman talks High Modernism and Big Pharma,” by Leslie Wayne, March 30, 2017. “Painting in Water: A Studio Visit With Beatrice Pediocni,” by Leslie Wayne, June 17, 2016. “The Solitariness of the Pursuit: A studio visit with Elena Sisto,” by Leslie Wayne, March 17, 2016.